Suggested Activities for a Vegan Club

  1. Screen a vegan movie, e.g. What The Health, Dominion, etc. Invite non-club members to the screening, too, so that they can be educated and consider joining the club. You can get a grant for the screening fee if necessary, from organizations like the VegFund. It must be applied for and pre-approved. Search on YouTube or Amazon for Vegan movies. If you get ambitious, you may be able to organize special movie shows of films available only via in real movie theaters.
  2. A vegan cooking demo – Have a local culinary expert, a mom, a student or anyone well versed in cooking demonstrate how easy it is cook a vegan meal or a single dish.
  3. Do you hang out and have dinner with freinds? Do it at a vegan restaurant. If there are no vegan restaurants, you may ask any restaurants if they will be willing to adjust their recipes to make them vegan. After the dinner, review the restaurant on or any other social media, post pictures and raise the awareness.
  4. Hold a vegan food sampling event at a local festival. You may apply for and get a grant covering all the costs from
  5. Hold a Pay per View event at a local festival, e.g. a music event. Read more about these at
  6. Hold protests against illegal or immoral practices in your surroundings to raise awareness for animal rights and the environment.
  7. Organize vegan potluck or catered celebration for any occasion – a birthday, a Summer picnic, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, festivals in any religion, Chinese New Year, Diwali, etc.
  8. Work with your school administration, school board or whoever makes the decisions that control what is offered on the school cafeteria menus. You do not have to go hungry if there are no vegan options. Assert your rights. New York city schools now have meatless Mondays as a result of such action.
  9.  Hold a contest for collecting points in the PETA App for students
  10. Start a vegetable garden in your school or community. Many grants are availbale. e.g., has a grant program.