2022 United Airlines NYC Half

Participate in the  2022 United Airlines NYC Half as a Vegan Athlete on Team World Vegan


Team World Vegan

Are you ready to be a Game Changer?

You have come to the right place to show it to the world that a vegan diet is the best diet for athletes in virtually any field, as already established by the famous documentary film The Game Changers.

World Vegan Vision is excited and honored to be selected as an official  charity partner by the organizer NYRR.org for entering a team of 5 contestants in the 2022 United Airlines NYC Half marathon to be held on March 20, 2022. We are committed support you as an athlete in your success in the 2022 UA NYC Half and to spread the message of veganism to the world. With your participation as a vegan athlete  we can show the world that athletes can perform the best on a vegan diet and as good as on any other diet or even better.

What Will It Cost

In order to join our team you will need to raise $1000 in donation to World Vegan Vision to be able to enjoy the guaranteed registration in this sold out race.

You will also need to register as a contestant ($145 payable to NYRR.org)

This makes $1145 your minimum financial responsibility. You may raise more than $1000 in donations and donate to World Vegan Vision but $1000 will be a minimum and required up front as a personal donation which will be refunded once your donations will reach $1000 or more.


We may also provide some promotional items depending on sponsor participation. Details are still under process.

In addition, our commitment to you will be in the form of a support team consisting of the following people at World Vegan Vision.

  • Training guidance and support will be provided by Dr. Shrenik Shah, a vegan physician who has also run several marathons, practicing yoga and meditation.
  • Medical information support by Dr. Moiz Kasubhai a vegan physician practicing meditation and a runner
  • Nutrition guidance and fitness support by Dr. Kalindi Bakshi, a neuroscientist, vegan food entrepreneur and the founder of PlantologyFuel , a practicing CrossFit athlete and practicing meditation
  • Amy Jedele, Executive Director, WVV will provide administrative support and answer any other questions related to the event
  •  Avinash Kachhy (2012 NYC Half Finisher) will provide administrative support and answer any other questions related to the event

On successful participation in this event on the World Vegan team, you will become a valuable member of the World Vegan Vision family and enjoy a special place in all our upcoming events.

Please note that all the support will be via email, a dedicated WhatsApp group and by telephone as required. We do not have any dedicated physical location. You will train on your own or with other athletes of your choice in your locality.

The minimum donation amount of $1250 will be due when the contestant is accepted as a team member and registers as a member of WVV team. You may raise more than the minimum and donate to World Vegan Vision but if you fail to raise the required minimum of $1250 it will be your personal donation.

If you are ready to join our team, please apply by filling in this form – https://forms.gle/6273dFUFsBoVPafY6


If you cannot participate, donate generously to our team members’ fundraiser via any means.

Amy Tuccio‘s Fundraiser for World Vegan Vision on Facebook is here – https://www.facebook.com/donate/267936231897689/267936245231021/

Priyam Bakshi’s Fundraiser for World Vegan Vision on Facebook is here – https://www.facebook.com/donate/191273996495799/10159411192924435/

Anthony Spino‘s Fundraiser for World Vegan Vision on Facebook is  here – https://www.facebook.com/donate/259779469609855/259779482943187/