2018 – Protest Against Garden Brothers Circus in Edison NJ

On April 18, 2018, Mr. Nitin Vyas and Ms. Neetu Jindal and her 4 year old son Nirvan joined in the protest against the Garden Brothers Circus. This protest was jointly organized by local animal rights groups.

A vegan lifestyle includes boycott of such events that use animals to provide entertainment to humans. The animals are forced to live in conditions that are extremely painful to the animals and are nowhere near those  present in their natural habitat. The animals are tortured with pain and hunger until their spirit is broken and they submit to the commands of their human masters.

We urge you to never visit zoos, aquariums, circuses, rodeos,  petting zoos and even simple rides on animals like horses, camels and elephants as these are enterprises based on animal exploitation.

You should also check out the numerous negative reviews for this same business at Better Business Bureau.