8 Week Diet Challenge

World Vegan Vision graciously acknowledges the generosity of

Accurate Diagnostic Labs

for providing the blood test services free of any charge to the participants.

This program would not be possible without their generous sponsorship.

World Vegan Vision is proud to offer you a program to experience the health benefits of following a vegan diet.

It is named the 8 Week Vegan Diet Challenge.

Anyone who feels they need to improve their health can participate. The program consists of the following.

Decide when you wish to start the 8 Week Vegan Diet Challenge.

Get a free blood test and record the results along with weight and blood pressure measurements.

Stay on a vegan diet for 8 weeks.

Get a second free blood test and record the results along with weight and blood pressure measurements. Compare the results and see the positive impact for yourself.

Below are the steps in detail.

  • Register at https://wvv8week.eventbrite.com
  • Your telephone number will be added to the WhatsApp group named World Vegan Vision. If you have any health or diet related questions, you will receive support from Dr. Shah via the WhatsApp group. You may also join the WhatsApp group by requesting via the Contact Us form.
  • You will receive an email containing the documents and instructions to go to a blood drawing center operated by Accurate Diagnostics Labs.  For finding the most convenient location, please visit Accurate Diagnostic Center Locations.
  • You will start your vegan diet from the day you provide the blood sample. However, any day as soon as possible is also acceptable.
  • Your blood sample will be analysed for Lipid Panel and A1C.
  • You should also weigh yourself with a reliable scale and note the weight. A blood pressure measurement could also be noted. These will need to be performed by your own doctor or by some other means. Many drug stores and other such locations have free weight and blood pressure measurement devices available to customers.
  • Your blood tests will be reported to you and Dr. Shrenik Shah by Accurate Diagnostic Labs
  • You will follow a healthy vegan diet as strictly as possible for 8 weeks and then repeat the blood, weight and BP measurements.
  • You may continue the vegan diet as you please. It is not a diet but a life style and continue to reap the benefits. There is nothing to lose except weight, sugar and cholesterol.
  • If you need help with what to eat, you may also join the free 21 day diet vegan diet plan by PCRM.Org known as the 21-Day Kickstart. View the announcement at Youtube.com

IMPORTANT NOTE: To participate in the 8 Week Vegan Diet Challenge, you should not be on any cholesterol control medication. DO NOT stop or start any medication without consulting your own physician. This program is not a medical treatment. It is an outreach program demonstrating the benefits of a vegan diet on your own health. World Vegan Vision will not be held liable for any health issues you may experience before, during or after participation in the 8 Week Vegan Diet Challenge. Participation in this program is an implied understanding and acknowledgement of this waiver of liability.