2020-10-11 Vegan Essentials in Cooking

Vegan Essentials Poster

Our well experienced and talented vegan chefs will discuss how to make traditional recipes using dairy and other non-vegan ingredients using their vegan counterparts. This will make going vegan easier by continuing to eat the same dishes – made vegan.


Dr Kalindi Bakshi is a vegan entrepreneur and co-founder of  https://www.sattvikfoods.com

Neetu Jindal is a vegan activist from over 2 decades an is raising a vegan son.

Please use the form at https://bit.ly/wvv-aaq to ask any questions to the participants. Please send them well in advance so that we can plan to answer them during the event.

A recording of this event may be viewed here.

Here is the pdf attachment to  Vegan Essentials with recipes shown.