2021 Vegan Picnic

A Vegan Picnic 2021

On Sept 6, 2021 a vegan picnic was organized by the NJ and NY chapters. This was the very first 100% vegan picnic organized by World Vegan Vision. Almost 100 people including many key members attended the picnic.

Our picnic was filled with educational and informative activities along with entertainment. Dr. Shrenik Shah president of the NJ chapter, addressed the attendees on the importance of going vegan for human health, prevention of animal abuse and for saving the environment. This was followed by a vegan quiz conducted by Ms. Neetu Jindal, assisted by her son Nirvaan who is a seasoned animal rights activist at the age of 10. Right after these 2 events and as a result of the information gained a few people decided to go vegan. Let us hear about their progress in the near future.

Not only was all the food vegan, free of any animal products including dairy, but it was served in biodegradable plates and cutlery. This was done to minimize the impact on the environment.

Picnic attendees enjoyed the Karaoke music for entertainment for the rest of the afternoon. The picnic was a very successful event thanks to the efforts of Kalindi Bakshi, Neetu Jindal, Vinod, Shah, Nitin Vyas and many others. We thank Mr. and Mrs. K.K. Mehta for sponsoring the picnic meals.

Photos of this event are in this album.