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New Jersey Chapter

President – Dr. Shrenik Shah


short video on adopting vegan lifestyle by our president Dr. Shrenik Shah.

Dr. Shrenik Shah is our president and a practicing internist in NJ. Dr Shah is a practicing vegan for the last 17+ years.

Dr. Shah became a true vegan and a major advocate of veganism when he became aware of the cruelty involved in the dairy industry, artificial insemination of the cows against their will, slaughter of male calves, etc. Just being a vegetarian was not enough.

Besides adopting vegan lifestyle himself, he has guided many of his own patients in adopting vegan lifestyle and experience weight reduction, lowering of cholesterol and blood sugars with great success. He has solid proof of the health benefits experienced by his patients.Dr. Shah brings a wealth of medical and dietary knowledge and experience about vegan lifestyle and freely shares his expertise with members.

Dr. Shah has also delivered lectures on the benefits of veganism and is available for such engagements.

Dr. Shah is well traveled around the world and is aware of the positive effect of vegan lifestyle on the environment by reducing global warming and other environmental impacts like disappearance of many wild species via habitat destruction.

Treasurer – Jyotsna Shah


Advisory Committee 

Ashok Bhatt

Debol Gupta

Pushpa  Patel


Uma Swaminathan

Uma is an Anthropologist, an Herbalist and a Nutritionist. She studied at Rutgers University where she did cross cultural studies with a focus on herbs and spices and their medicinal values of indigenous cultures of the world.
She is the author of Herbal Transformations, and Healing with Herbs. She has written a chapter for the book by Dr. Frankie Hutton, called the Rose Lore, on the significance of the Rose in Southern India.
Uma is an adviser for the World Religions Organization and Ethical Thought. She gives talks on Healing and rejuvenation at different venues be it a corporation, a museum or a place of worship.She is a founder, and at the present time the President of the Association of Indian in America, NJ Chapter.She is also an ardent supporter of Veganism and animal rights.

Dr. Sunil Parikh


NJ Committee Members

Dr. Kalpana Dalal

Harshad Desai

Arti Kamath

Manish Parikh

Mina Patel

Natu Patel

Ranjan Patel

Dr. Rasik Patel

Krishnakant Sangani

Archana shah            

Nitin Shah

Pratibha Sutaria

Nina Vyas

Youth and Children Committee

Deval Dholakia

Nidhi Kathuria

Sonalee Vyas Jani