2022 Outreach Events

2022 Deepavali Celebration by NYC Mayor Eric Adams

On October 23, 2022 World Vegan Vision participated in the Diwali celebration organized by the NYC Mayor Eric Adams at the Gracie Mansion as one of the sponsors of the event. Mr. & Mrs. HK Shah, Mr.& Mrs Munjal, Dr. Kalindi Bakshi & family, Mr. & Mrs.. Nitin Vyas, Mrs. Tejal Raval, Mr. Anil Narang and a few other members of World Vegan Vision attended the event. The entire menu for the event was vegan thanks to the mayor’s adoption of plant based diet.

Mumbai Vegan Diwali Bazar

Photos are here – https://photos.app.goo.gl/UiwCmfzNCKFu9miJ8

A video Report is here – https://youtu.be/OsNS8ksvbpA

Read more about it – MVDB (Post Event Press Release)

and MVDB (Free Entry For All)

World Vegan Vision – Mumbai Reaches 2 Colleges

World vegan Vision-Mumbai organized an outreach event by providing financial support of INR 31500 in collaboration with Animal, Climate and Health Save foundation.

As reported – We will be having WVV stickers on food packets (vegan food tasting) and Banner. We will provide a Vegan Starter Kit to all the students which is prepared by our team and  Plant Based Nutritionist, Jeeva Bhavana (Vegan Environment organization. We have translated the vegan starter kit in three languages – Hindi, English and Gujarati.
You can find the attachment below-
Here is the organizer’s message:

Animal, Climate and Health Save Foundation is conducting awareness sessions at two colleges in Rajkot, Gujarat.

The awareness sessions will aim to bring awareness to the college students about the climate emergency and how our actions and switching to a plant-based lifestyle and a diet can help save the ecosystem. The sessions will be taken by an expert environmentalist and a nutritionist from Animal Save India.

Some key pointers of the events are as follows:

  • Date:
    • 15 September 2022, Thursday
    • 16 September 2022, Friday
  • Institutions:
    • VVP Engineering College, Rajkot
    • Darshan University, Rajkot
  • Minimum no. of attendees
    • VVP Engineering College, Rajkot- 150 students
    • Darshan University, Rajkot- 300 students
  • Session inclusions:
    • 1 Hour awareness sessions – Environment & Health
    • Interactive conversations
    • Documentary/ Presentation screening
    • Quiz
    • Vegan food tasting.We would require your support in the form of funds for the above:
College Cost / person Students Total INR
VVP Engineering College 70 150 10500
Darshan University 70 300 21000
450 31500

It is a great opportunity to come together and make a difference.

We would appreciate it if your organization collaborates with the Animal,Climate and Health Save Foundation. With your support we would be able to make this event even better and more effective

WVV will be promoted well in images, videos and shareable media with its logo.


Aprajita Ashish

Mumbai Vegan Monsoon Dinner Party

World vegan Vision-Mumbai organized a dinner party to celebrate the 30th anniversary of World Vegan Vision.
Mumbai Vegan Monsoon Dinner Party
Sunday June 26, 2022
Shivaji Hall, Ghatkopar West, Mumbai India

A video tribute to Mr. H.K. Shah on this occasion – https://youtu.be/qhsYt5GeLNw

Chalktivism by Nirvaan Agarwal

Nirvaan is a 10 year old animal rights activist and always goes to activism events with his mother Neetu Jindal. They did some chalktivism on their own on Sunday 6/19/2022 at the Middlesex Greenway in Edison NJ. This is an ideal place to convey our message as it is a park where health conscious people walk/run/ride and will notice the message. In fact, one person has already joined our WharsApp group as a result of her conversation about veganism with Ms. Neetu Jindal arising from these chalk art.

Rutgers Day

We were at Rutgers Day 2022 performing vegan outreach with many other vegan activists from NY and NJ.

Here are some photos of the event.

Earth Day Festival at Edison NJ

World Vegan Vision participated in the Earth Day celebration festival on April 24, 2022. World Vegan Vision volunteers Neetu Jindal, Avinash Kachhy, Dr. Shrenik Shah and Nitin Vyas spread the message of veganism. We offered free leaflets and a new T Shirt themed Dairy is Scary to visitors for a $10 donation. Nirvaan Agarwal created chalk art with vegan messages on the walkways at the festival location.

More photos may be viewed in this album.