Act – Things You Can Do



Please use this link when you shop at Amazon to benefit World Vegan Vision.


Amazon will automatically donate 0.5% of your purchase amount to World Vegan Vision. You will see the parent organization named Vegetarian Vision as the receiving charity.

Stand firm in your vegan choice when in a mixed diet situation, like at a party

Put a lawn sign in your yard and/or a car bumper sticker that says you are vegan

Try to engage a stranger in a dialog and explain the benefits of vegan lifestyle, it is easier than you think, especially at a restaurant or in a party, etc. Refer the other person to this web site at the end.

Do you need a unique gift for someone special? Consider getting a gift that gives a vegan message, e.g. get something that promotes a vegan lifestyle

Try being vegan for a period if you are not a vegan. Many programs are available. Check them out and sign up for the one most suitable to you.

Do you have any ideas? Please share via the contact form or in the forum.