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Over the years, we have built active relationships with many organizations and individuals.  Please visit them and support them.

American Vegan Society

Ayurveda Cafe in NYC

Ashok Bhatt – Fairbridge Hotel

Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn

Dr. Hanisha Patel

 Hunger Free Zone – Hunger Free Zone

Lisette Rotman – Artist


Ayurveda Cafe

Ayurveda Cafe is a unique vegan-friendly restaurant located in Manhattan, the restaurant capital of the world.  Ayurveda Café was conceived by the owner Mr. Tirlok Malik to honor all the mothers and his late mother Tara Malik who taught him everything about healthy and clean eating and that one must always cook and serve with love and compassion. It is like going to your mother’s kitchen because there is no menu and she gives you what she has cooked that day and to eat as much as you want to eat and even offers you more than what you want to eat. That’s the model of Ayurveda Café.

It has a very unique concept. The menu changes daily and is based on seasonal ingredients. When you visit the restaurant, you do not have to choose from a menu but are served what is cooked that day. Customers like the experience that they don’t have to decide what to eat and they can have as much as they want. 

From last 21+ years, Ayurveda Cafe offers vegan,  Vegetarian , kosher certified healthy food cooked and served with love and compassion.  It offers vegetarian and vegan food cooked on the principles of Ayurveda, which says the meal must have six tastes: sweet, sour, salty, bitter, astringent and pungent. The six tastes give you the most satisfying experience.   Ayurveda Café has been acclaimed by all media and the customers. The atmosphere at Café is very relaxing, created with combined subconscious effects of sound therapy, color and light therapy and aromatherapy.

The owner,  Mr. Tirlok Malik has studied Ayurveda, and is an acclaimed film maker with Emmy nominations to his credit.
Make sure to visit the Ayurveda Cafe when in New York and craving for a simple but hearty meal. You may visit the Ayurveda Cafe website for directions and details.