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World Vegan Vision is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, founded in 1992 as Vegetarian Vision in New York, NY, with the mission to promote vegetarianism among people of the US and spreading this message to the world. The organization, now known as World Vegan Vision is currently 26 years old, serves as a resource network and a think-tank for vegans worldwide, with the objective of a healthy future for all of mankind and Planet Earth. We aim to serve everyone and collaborate with other vegan/vegetarian organizations to strengthen the cause.

World Vegan Vision had started from the NY/NJ area and now has chapters in Ohio and Mumbai, India and Ahmedabad, India. In additon, we are planning to broaden the outreach to virtually all English speaking nations around the world  including the Asian sub-continent (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Myanmar, Thailand, Malayasia, Singapore, Indonesia, etc., and major non-English speaking countries as well including Japan, France, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Baltic Nations,  Central European countries and Russia, too. Nations like UK and Germany are at the forefront of the vegan movement.

Here is a short video on the progress of World Vegan Vision over the last 25+ years.

The mission of World Vegan Vision is to promote, encourage and inspire people to become vegan or vegetarian and provide educational information on the benefits of a plant based vegan or vegetarian lifestyle.

Through a pool of dedicated volunteer members the organization serves all existing and aspiring vegans and vegetarians. It is a non-partisan, apolitical group that serves anyone regardless of race, color or national origin.

The founder of World Vegan Vision, Mr. Harshad K. Shah, a vegan himself, has burning a desire to make people healthy and compassionate. He is a visionary and a firm believer in being healthy through a healthy plant based diet and in saving animals from abuse and slaughter for use as food, clothing and entertainment.

Over the last twenty six years, World Vegan Vision has grown to form a large membership spread across the USA and India. The dedication of our patrons, life members, annual members and active volunteers have contributed to the success and growth this organization.

Some highlights of past events organized by World Vegan Vision are worth a mention here. Our first major event held in 1996, the International Vegetarian Food Festival, was held in New York Coliseum in Long Islad, NY. Almost 17,000 people attended this event and 150 stalls filled up the coliseum.

In 1998, Second International Vegetarian Food Festival was held at New York Armory, NY with repeat numbers. Similar events were organized utilizing speakers, exhibits and vegetarian Cruises. These activities have created greater awareness and conversion of many new vegetarians and vegans.

World Vegan Vision sends out quarterly health newsletters, invites nationally recognized speakers and authorities on speaking engagement, educates people the benefits of being vegetarian and vegan. Every year we have our Annual Vegan Thanksgiving Dinner, an event that highlights our activities, unites members, presents new ideas, with influential speakers invited to encourage healthy life style by being vegetarian and vegan,

During the past many years, we have collaborated with various local vegetarian and vegan organizations, supported their cause and also helped teachers in education programs on benefits of adopting a compassionate lifestyle.

We also have collaborated with other organizations in the tri-state area. We have arranged speakers on yoga, breathing techniques, vegan recipes and cooking demonstrations. All the activities of World Vegan Vision are supported by volunteers who devote their time and efforts and is solely run by volunteers.

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World Vegan Vision is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Tax ID: EX-241733

Mailing Address:  World Vegan Vision
51 Harrison Street, Hoboken NJ 07030

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Telephone: +1 (212) 971-9653


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If you are an aspiring or practicing vegan, please consider being a member of World Vegan Vision and be a part of the vibrant vegan community. Benefits of the membership include tax deductible charitable contributions for supporting our cause benefiting the mankind, animals and the environment.

World Vegan Vision organizes local events which advocates and celebrates vegan lifestyle. You will have the best opportunity to meet people of similar interests in your community at these events.

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Our Chairman and Founder

With a strong mission & vision to promote a healthy vegetarian and vegan way of life, Mr. H.K. Shah, Founder & Chairman of the non-profit organization World Vegan Vision, initially known as Vegetarian Vision, has served the community for over 3 decades. A vegan himself, Mr. Shah has been a strong supporter of the concepts of saving the planet, promoting a vegetarian way of life and saving the animals. His entire life is dedicated to the mission to promote vegan food and vegan way of life to younger generation and encourage them to save the planet & animals. It is his hard work, dedication and persistent efforts that during the last 26 years, World Vegan Vision has grown and is known to be a strong vegan organization with community help and participation. He is a strong believer in involving youth to become a part of our mission and goals.

Throughout his life he has supported and collaborated with many other vegan, vegetarian and health organizations and supported their activities. World Vegan Vision takes the lead in collaborating and promoting vegan way of life to hospitals, airlines, schools, educational institutions, community in various ways – by personal participation, programs, food festivals, Thanksgiving dinners, yoga and health events, motivational speakers, fun cruises for youth, youth talent contests like Mr & Ms Vegetarian Pageant, and many other events which are enjoyed by everyone. Under his leadership, the organization has progressively accomplished their mission to convert more people to vegans and vegetarians by advocacy and awareness of health benefits.

Some schools have changed to healthy vegetarian meals and the organization is working to make a change to have wider vegan food variety available in restaurants, hospitals and major institutions. When World Vegan Vision celebrated its 25 years of successful journey, HK Shah along with his Co-Founder and spouse Malti Shah, invited the community to join and be part of the success celebration by promoting healthy way of life. A two day celebration was held at Penn Plaza Pavilion, New York on September 9th and 10th,2017.

“Our mission is to promote vegan and vegetarian food and vegetarian way of life to younger generations, encourage them to save the planet and animals. We want to involve youth to become a part of our mission and goals.They are our future. We are proud to say that during the last 26 years, we have grown and are known to be a strong organization with your help and participation. We welcome you to join and be part of the success celebration of our 26 years of promoting healthy way of life. Join us today and get an understanding of our mission and vision for several more years to come!”