Ditch Dairy

The biggest hurdle for vegetarians to go vegan is dairy.

Dairy is designed by nature for rapid growth of a baby animal. After the baby reaches maturity, no animal consumes milk except the humans. This is an abnormal practice and may be the reason for many diseases , e.g. Acne, Allergies, IBS, Obesity, Ear infections, Type 2 Diabetes, Asthma, High Cholesterol, Hypertension and more.

Dairy industry in a nutshell is described here.

Dairy is Not Essential:

There is no  scientific reason to consume dairy. All the protein is made by plants. Animals simply consume the protein. Depending on dairy for protein leads to consumption of animal protein which is a secondary and wasteful source of protein. Plants provide cleaner, cheaper and healthier alternatives to all the nutrients a human needs including calcium, vitamins and protein. Have you wondered where do the cows get the calcium? They get it from green leafy matter and so can we.


If you are a religious person, you may be using dairy products extensively in your religious rituals, e.g., using ghee for lamps, using milk for bathing the effigies of Gods, making panchamrut (A concotion of milk, yogurt, ghee, some form of sugar and sometimes honey, too, )  and using profuse amounts of dairy in cooking prasad foods and believing in such blatant lies as ” offering the prasad to God makes it free of any sins”.  We have been told this by a few priests and when questioned they look away or walk away. How can you make the suffering of a cow vanish by merely offering your prasad to a God? It is a pure delusion and the religious zealots believe it without any questions, just like hundreds of rich and smart people believed Bernard Madoff claiming the magical returns of his mysterious investments.

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Dairy is an addictive food. It is tasty and addictive as it is designed by nature to be so. It is a natural mechanism to keep the baby animal from straying too far away from its mother and starve. The effects of dairy consumption on human health, the cruelty involved in dairy production and the destruction of environment from dairy farming are the prime reasons to ditch dairy.

So, if you are a vegetarian and want to be a vegan, the only thing you may need to do is to stop consuming dairy products. From the thousands of years of cultural and religious beliefs or from a systematic brainwashing by the dairy industry over the last few decades, you may believe that dairy is an essential part fo a healthy diet. Just watch the films listed below and decide for yorself.

The Peaceful Latte – 1 minute

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Dismantle Dairy

If you are still not convinced and the blatant violence does not bother you for the selfish needs of taste and so called nutrition, then continue with the very scientific explanation below.

Dairy is Dangerous – Dr. Neal Barnard (60 min)

Dolly Ahuja-Vyas is making a film named “In the Land of Ahimsa” – Help her with a donation. Find out more about her here 

No time for films? The facts are here in pictures.

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