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3/23/2019 – Audio Clip

Looks like at a Rotary Club sponsored event. Lecture is in Gujarati. ડૉ અનિલભાઈ જૈન સાલ હોસ્પિટલ અમદાબાદ નો ખૂબ સુંદર ઓડિઓ બીજા સંબંધીઓ ને પણ મોકલજો  Listen here – Dr Anil Jain Ahmedabad



by Dr. Shrenik Shah

My conversation with one elderly religious Indian couple who came to see me yesterday.

Wife was overweight and had high cholesterol ( controlled with statins ).

She wanted to lose weight – I told her “ stop dairy products “

She said “ I drink two glasses of milk every day just to take pills. “

I said “ there is no need to take milk just to take pills , you can take it with water “

She said “ I heard it is better to take it with milk , so that they don’t upset your stomach “

I said “ you will be surprised to hear that , chances are that you are on pills because of the milk you are taking and you may not even need the pills if you stop drinking milk. “

She was surprised to hear that.

She said “ I thought milk is good for you . “

I said “ you believe that milk is good for you , is milking good for the cow ? “

She said “ well cow always gives milk right ? “

I said “ what makes you think , cow really wants to give you milk ?

Do you think cow has nothing to do in life except to give milk to mankind ?

Who do you think mother’s body makes the milk for ? “

She said “ probably ( !!! ) for the calf . “

I said “ True . All mothers makes milk for their babies , and we are not cow’s babies, why are we taking milk from someone who is not our mother and that also for whole life ? “

She had no answer.

I said “ man thinks he is the center of the universe and whole universe is there to serve his needs , even if that would mean universe has to change its laws and rules , even if that means mothers have to change themselves into commercial mothers !! – do you think it is right ? “

She couldn’t answer.

I asked “ who created this world ? “

“ God “ she had ready made answer taught in her temple .

“ So who owns this world ? “

“ God “ she said.

“ so who is the ultimate giver in this world ? “ I asked

She said “ God “

( All well rehearsed answers taught in the temple . )

“ So that would mean that God cannot really receive anything , because whatever is given to him , is also created by Him. We offer fruits , and money , and whatever – they all His creations , correct ? “

13.6 billion years back univer was created out of “ Nothing “ “Shunya state “ Shunya se Sarjan “ “ Nothingness to everythingness”

So whole universe was created in a giving state.

“ So what is the nature of the universe ? “ I asked .

“ Giving “ she replied.

“ So do you think cows are in giving mode when it comes to humans ? “ I asked

And I narrated her my experience in Masai village when my fiend wanted to milk a cow and milk would not come out , until a calf was brought in to start the flow of milk .

She said excitedly “ yes yes doctor I agree , we used to do that when we lived in village in India . “

“ So what does that mean ? “

She said “ that means we are cheating the cow for our benefit . “

I said “ mothers are always in a giving mode for their children.

Without giving of the mothers ( human , animals , birds ) , their children could die.

This synchronizes with the law of the universe , but we are taking a devious advantage of this pristine giving state embedded in all mothers . Isn’t it ? “

“ yes “ she replied

“ Do you think , trees would run away if you want to pick it’s fruits ? “ I asked.

“ No “ she said

She got the concept.

Husband wife both agreed.

Husband said “ No more milk for us , thank you doctor . “

He was a nice elder guy , but he touched my feet on his way out.

I felt embarrassed.

He said something which was very profound. “ you raised my Atma saheb. Thank you . “



1/9/2019 –

1/11/2019 –



People who are resisting a change in their lives , or are not capable of changing their lives , are the ones who keep on bringing up the facts that we used to be hunters and gatherers , so we should be eating meat.
And they are correct to some extent , but what they don’t realize is that what used to be hunting and gathering – was 90% gathering and maybe 10% hunting . Meat was a rarity , acquired after hard work .
Life has changed a lot since then.
Animals are being farmed , since we decided to leave the forests and settle down around farming .
Where is the “ Hunting “ ?
Hunting is not simple , it is a hard work – which requires lot of physical strength.
Try catching a small rabbit on your own ?, with bear hands.
Farming is artificial , hunting is natural – so go hunting on your own – bear hands – how many will succeed ?
Let alone hunting , who can even kill their own chicken ? Very few .
There is lot of dishonesty in consuming animal food.
Animals are killed in millions everyday , but not one is killed by the consumer.
Of course we don’t grow our plant based food either , but if we had a chance – time wise – we would love to – gardening can be a passion – it can be taught to the kids in their young age even.
There is an element of purity and honesty in vegetable gardening – and there is cruelty in animal industry.
Try reaching g killing your own chicken to the children – they will raise an issue of compassion – because compassion is our natural state – which we have lost under the influence of artificiality of corporate giants controlled daily life .
Since we have become civilized – we have become less violent , but we keep on consuming meat which is “ produced “ by behind the door violence – that we don’t “ see “ – how convenient ?
It’s hypocrisy
If you really believe in eating meat – produce your own meat by yourself – there are not enough forests left to support large human population going hunting .
So we cannot keep on going back to what our ancestors were doing – and mimic their lifestyle, even in modern times.
In those days , meat was a survival- now with our human intelligence , it has become an enjoyment ( just like all our foods )
Now we kill animals for pleasure , even farms don’t need to use cows to plough the fields.
Eating meat has become a luxury , not survival anymore
Even lions hunt for survival , not pleasure – you will not see violence in lion’s face.
We have dropped even gathering.
Where is gathering ?
Gathering required lot of walking and climbing trees – all that for survival – not for pleasure
Now we walk on trade mills ( where by the way 50% of work is done by trade mill – put your foot forwards and who brings it back ? – trade mill is a shoved down product  into your minds that it is good for you )
Who has time for gathering ?
Since farming started , we have been growing our own food and not relying on forests.
But we don’t realize that where did farms come from ? At the cost of beautiful forests – which were habitats for beautiful animals and birds and leaves of these forests were storing up carbon dioxide and were preventing global warming.
Now forests are gone , one  farmer grows food , and thousands eat.
We want to progress further , but want to keep talking about our ancestors’ eating habits
That’s childish
We have to realize our total consciousness as humans have evolved
We have become more civilized ( at least externally ) , we have technology on our side , we have become more fair , we don’t tolerate women abuses anymore , we don’t lynch adulterers anymore ( like we used to in medieval times )
We have changed – period
We have to look forward – not backwards
So looking forward – we have to apply our intelligence to the food as a global problem
We have to see impact of animal industry on our forests ( which are dwindling down – due to our insatiable appetite for animal foods – which requires destruction of so many forests to create farms which exclusively create food for animals and not for us )
We have to accept animal industry as a major culprit in creating global warming ( 40% of the green house gases are created by animal industry- more than auto industry )
We have to be honest in realizing these facts , we have to turn to our souls , our science and make a balanced decision which can sustain humanity for millennia
The way we are going – we are certainly doomed
I always say – there are many diets , which claim various benefits – weight loss ( mainly ) and to some extent heart disease
Paleo diet
Keto diet
DASH diet
Mediterranean diet
South beach diet
Etc etc etc
Vegan diet is the only one that can achieve everything that these diets are claiming ( combined ) , but it also teaches compassion – which is absent from all these diets
Vegan diet is not just a diet – it is a revolution that is necessary for our future survival and it coincides with our rising consciousness which is going towards compassion, congeniality and love for all – this is our future
So let’s not get carried away by small stupid studies like stated above – let’s worry about bigger problems like global warming rather – which may drown even New York City in front of our eyes by the end of this century.
Listen to your souls and bigger problems in front of us
GO ROGAN ( Raw Vegan )
Dr. Shrenik Shah
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