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Chandra Mehta

Born into the Jain religious tradition, she has lived a life of vegetarianism and aim to uphold integrity and moral decency. She is the former 1st lady of the Rajasthan Association of North America, owner of multiple Hotels in New York City. She is currently President of Vegetarian Vision, a humanitarian engaged in international philanthropic activity, and an adored hostess of her community.

For four years, she was the cherished 1st lady of the Rajasthan Association of North America during her husband’s term as Founder President. She served as the editor for several International Convention Journals, and published Rajasthan Foundation newsletters to promote integration of the Rajasthani Community throughout the United States. She was honored at at India Fest 2012 and at The Association of Indians in America 2015 for her work as a hotelier and her services to the community.

Trendy, creative, and artistic, her tastes in gardening and designing, and innate sense of décor, found their most prominent heights when she helped design the world’s largest Staybridge Suites Hotel in Times Square NYC, which she owns with her husband. Her vision of waterfalls, fountains, mirrors, and gardening brought to life the hotel’s façade, entrance, and lobby. Her hotel has been entertaining guests now for more than 8 years.

Fond of cooking throughout her life, she is a notable hostess. Her dining tables, resplendent with innovative creations of Indian and Marwari vegetarian dishes, have become famed tales among her guests. As the current President of Vegetarian Vision, she prepared for the organization’s recent event her rendition of chakki ki sabji, an ancient vegetarian delicacy of Rajasthan as it appears like meat replacement. She hopes one day to put together cookbook and share her celebrated recipes with the Western society in which she lives.

Kind and humanistic, she is actively engaged in philanthropic endeavors. With her children she has visited and supported orphanages and schools for the blind. Her donations have funded an Eye Hospital and Urologic Research Center in India, established the Nakoda Scholarship Foundation for needy students, and are helping to set up Virayathan School for underprivileged children in India. Recently, she donated to North Shore University Hospital to help advance patient care.

In the last years of her mother-in-law, Chandra Kunwar Mehta’s life, Mrs. Mehta considers her greatest happiness in caring for her. She says it gave her a different kind of pleasure that touched her deeply.

She is blessed with two boys, one is a hotelier and CPA, the other is a physician practicing medicine in New York.

Vinod Shah

Vinod Shah works with World Vegan Vision (formerly Vegetarian Vision) for the last 24 years and he has volunteered in all aspects of the organization. He has sales & management experience of more than 40 years in major pharmaceutical companies as Regional Sales Director for Northeast USA.
At World Vegan Vision, as a Director of Development, he maintains important communication and liaison between committee members, action team and public contacts. He reaches out to key people and leaders in vegan action groups to continuously explore and expand vegan/vegetarian awareness. He directs and evaluates varied activities to attain mission & goals of the organization. Identify and coordinate guest speakers, evolve new programs and activities. Vinod’s passion is to make people healthy on vegan/vegetarin foods, makes him proud and valuable part of the World Vegan Vision.